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Certificate for Volunteer Hours Issued by Atrium Senior Living    


Certificates for volunteer hours before October 2018 have already been given to you, please keep them safe. The certificates are issued by Atrium Senior Living, so Hartley's Legacy cannot replace certificates that have been lost.


The President's Volunteer Service Award     

Hartley's Legacy is a certified Presidential Volunteer Service Program, meaning that we are registered in the government's program as a volunteer organization. This also makes any members (you) able to get awards from the president if you accumulate a certain number of hours.

As regular members, everyone who performs that week gets two service hours (one hour for the performance, one hour for practice during the week). Obviously, your account is linked to the Hartley's Legacy master account, so just make sure to put in the correct number of hours. Like I said before, if you hit a certain number of hours**[1], you can get awards and medals and stuff, so just make sure to log in all your hours!

So for how to do it: Go to
and fill out the form. Once you fill out the form and submit your account, you'll be at the home page. Click "My Profile" and scroll to the bottom. The Record of Service Key is the thing that will connect your account to the Hartley's Legacy organization. There should be a space for the key on the next screen. Our key is: RVC-74468. Once you fill that out, you'll become a "legitimate" member of Hartley's Legacy on the website. Then, you can start entering your hours in the "My Service" tab.

When you fill out hours,
 The " Service Activity" is "Hartley's Legacy - Playing music for the elderly. " 
The “Benefiting Organization” is “Atrium Senior Living of Princeton.” 
The " Specific Area of Service " is "Other - Senior Services."  
The Hartley's Legacy master account will certify it.

Also, as an official member, you may enter service hours that you have completed outside of Hartley's Legacy. In other words, if you volunteer at a hospital during the week, you can submit those hours as well. However, all we ask is that you give us proof for your service (i.e. a signed formal letter, a reference with his or her phone number, etc.). Please make sure to show us this proof so we can confirm everything as we go.

** [1]   Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period. We run on a school-year schedule, meaning the accounts "refresh" in September.

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