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Hartley’s Legacy is a music volunteer group that was founded by Daniel Kim, Iris Kwak, and Joanna Kim in 2013. All the members of Hartley’s Legacy are student musicians, ranging from middle to high school students.We currently volunteer our time twice a month at Ciel of Princeton, a nursing home in Princeton, New Jersey. There, we serve snacks and perform for the senior residents. Hartley’s Legacy performs a wide variety of music as well, playing genres such as classical, jazz, pop, gospel and even movie music.


To see how we got our name, click here.


Purpose: The purpose behind Hartley’s Legacy is simply to share our love for music with others, especially with those who need it the most, including elderly seniors. By using our musical abilities, we make it our goal to entertain, educate, and support our audience, no matter who they are. Through our music and performances, we try to brighten people’s days and their lives.


What is Hartley’s Legacy?

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